Retirement in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful, affordable and best places in the world to spend your retirement.

The beautiful sunshine of the summer, along with the cool winds of the Black Sea on the Bulgarian golden coast toped up with green and beautiful Vitosha mountain from one hand and on the other hand, a pristine nature and a lively and calm people living in the city of Sofia would Guarantee a long and healthy life for you in Bulgaria.

The 24/7 bars and restaurants and the people who greet you with patience and smile create a beautiful life for you and your next generation in a multi-national and economically and culturally dynamic city.

Currently, The Bulgarian Government grants a 1 year residency visa to those retired persons who can provide their official retirement document. This 1 year residency permit is eligible for permanent residency after the 5th year.

The Applicant are allowed to register their own company in Bulgaria in order to expand their business in the country but are not allowed to be hired for another employer.

Our services start with our first consulting session

Preparing required documents, arranging a request, translating documents from English to Bulgarian, paying legal fees, obtaining short-term visas for Bulgaria, arranging for renting or buying the property, applying for a D type visa, obtaining a D type visa for spouse and Children are among our services, which are provided in the package.

A tour in the city and necessary centres

We are privileged to announce that the applicant will be given a one-week free stay and tour residing in black-sea beaches of Bulgaria.

Some of our services:

  • Entrepreneur consultancy and support
  • Helping clients with English and Bulgarian courses
  • Registration of Bulgarian company
  • Visiting Visa for immediate relatives
  • Helping with opening bank accounts
  • Property purchase consultancy
  • Starting a new business or help investing in an active business
  • School registration for applicant’s children
  • Investment in real estate

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