Business in Bulgaria

At present, the Bulgarian government has special attention to entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises that can prove their financial ability whom are able to create job opportunities for Bulgarian citizens.

Individuals with a history of entrepreneurship (corporate shareholders) or those who support the work of a Bulgarian or non-Bulgarian business actor after proving their financial ability (buying a residential or commercial property in Bulgaria is the best way) are eligible to obtain a D Type Visa to apply for a one-year residence card, which grants the applicant a residence permit with limited residency advantages.

Annual residence is renewed at the end of each year by providing updated is necessary to conclude that the person does not have the right to be hire by other companies and can either “represent” the company he obtained the residence permit in the beginning, or by registering a Bulgarian company and acting as an entrepreneur.

The applicant is eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit after 5 years. This residence permit gives which grants the applicant all of the European citizen rights.

Our services

Our services start with our first consulting session

Preparing equired documents, arranging a request, translating documents from English to Bulgarian, paying legal fees, obtaining short-term visas for Bulgaria, arranging for renting or buying the property, applying for a D type visa, obtaining a D type visa for spouse and Children are among our services, which are provided in the package.

A tour in the city and necessary centers

We are privileged to announce that the applicant will be given a one-week free stay and tour residing in black-sea beaches of Bulgaria.

Some of our services:

  • Entrepreneur consultancy and support
  • Helping clients with English and Bulgarian courses
  • Registration of Bulgarian company
  • Visiting Visa for immediate relatives
  • Helping with opening bank accounts
  • Property purchase consultancy
  • Starting a new business or help investing in an active business
  • School registration for applicant’s children
  • Investment in real estate

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